Sindra Preview tracks

If you head on over to the Discography section of vistlip's OHP you can hear a preview of the tracks from Sindra! (Click on all the versions to hear all the songs~)

What does everyone think??

Single comes out on June 1st. :)
Can't wait to hear the full versions!
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Hey everyone!
I was thinking of buying Sindra, and I wanted all three types but I can't pay for all three. :(
I will definitely order one type, but I am not sure which one I should get.
So, if you preordered a type of Sindra and are willing to share it on here when you get it, could you let me know please? :)

I will definitely share my type when I get mine :)

for reference:

Regular Edition:
includes an extra track: B.P.M. direction

includes DVD with Music Video and Making.

includes July VIIth (remade), Sindra (inst), and chapter :ask (inst).


New fan~

Hello all!
I'm a new fan of Vistlip and I like to know as much as possible about my fandoms. So now Im searching for interviews with this wonderful band, unfortunely I don't know any japanese so I'd be happy if there was translated ones anywhere around? :3

thank you in advance if you can help me<3



Could anyone help me please?

I would love to buy a copy of Zy.[zi:] No.56 but they are out of print at CD Japan and Amazon are charging too much for postage (3,700 Yen :/ )

Can anyone help me find somewhere to get it?

Thank you :)
yuuto genei

OHP update + New blog headers

So, I was looking up their blogs when suddenly from Rui's Hameln header, i went to check Tomo's and was different! Rui was last to have his header changed just a while ago. XD They all look stunning actually. So this is for SINDRA. 8D

EDIT: Umi posted that the OHP has been updated so here's a cap of their OHP main page~

EDIIIT: nebulast was kind enough to cap the whole image of the OHP! you could find it over here: http://fuckyeahvistlip.tumblr.com/

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