a prohibition mc (liangzhu) wrote in vistlip,
a prohibition mc

7th single & oneman tour!

Tomo posted in his Ameblo about vistlip's next single and oneman tour (the news also looks like it's on their OHP... my computer has always read the Japanese on their site as gibberish (x_x) but the English bits are the same so I assume the rest is too).

■ 2011, June 1st 7th Sg 「SINDRA」 release

■ vistlip oneman live tour [revelation space]

・May 7: Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
・May 13: Sapporo PENNY LANE
・June 11: Osaka BIG CAT
・June 22: Nagoya Electric Lady Land

It's nice to hear more good news from them. :)

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