July 10th, 2009


Tohya - 1000 cranes & fanletter project

Our plan is to get at least 100 people from this community to chip in with the cranes/fanletters/fanart!
1 person = 10 cranes, and Lisa (harucchi ) will handle getting them all to him.
You may also send fanletters or fanart along with your cranes (see below for instructions).

*If you cannot send cranes, you may just send a fanletter or fanart. We have no limit as to how many people can join this.

But there are restrictions, of course...
For the letters, we ask for A4 and no more than 2 sheets. If you would like to draw fanart as part of your letter, you can only write 1 sheet of fanletter.
As for the cranes, there are two ways to make them, right?
Sorry to be picky, but we're wanting the one that has the puffed out body.
Like these two~!
Here's a tutorial of how to make it → ヤンマー

**Please use various colours of paper for the cranes and DO NOT PUFF THEM UP!!! (It'll save room and money for your package, so we'll puff up the cranes for you

If you are interested, please leave a comment telling us which project(s) you would like to do and we will provide you with one of our addresses to send it to. We will let you know through this entry when we receive it.

Deadline for receiving: July 31st

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Tohya's fan support project.

Because Tohya's health is getting worse, let's show him our love and support.
This wonderful idea was suggested by harucchi and dumplings2 ^^'

All the details u can read clicking the link below.

✖ Tohya - 1000 cranes & fanletter project

Feel free to repost the pimpcode in ur LJs and tell your friends about this project.


Thank you.