July 23rd, 2009


vistlip on "Matsuri" (festivals)

Hello vistlip fans, we are musicJAPANplus! Have you read our webzine before?

Today we've just posted a new feature with vistlip all about Japanese festivals. Here are the questions:

Q1: If you were to plan your very own festival, what would you name it, and what sort of festival would it be?

Q2: What kind of stores best matches your idea of a summer festival? Is there any food that you can’t do without?

Q3: Who do you think is the biggest fan of festivities in general?

Q4: What color would your yukata be, and what sort of patterns would it have?

Q5. Please write down a wish that you seriously want to become true!

If you're interested to read the full article, please click right here! (中国語版有)

We also have some nice pictures of them in our gallery, so please have a look if you'd like!

Thank you for reading!