November 19th, 2009


ZEAL LINK vistlip instore events

Hi, I just joined this community :3

Been a fan of vistlip ever since I've seen them live in April, and I'm thinking of going to one of their instore events for their upcoming album. The sad part is that I don't have many Jrock friends here >_< I have gone to an event, as well as a concert, alone, and it's always a bit intimidating, so I was wondering if there were any vistlip fans in Tokyo interested in going together? I have a friend that I may persuade to go with me, but since I know nothing of the popularity of vistlip, I don't want to make her wait on line for the CD too early in the morning for a band she doesn't know...

Don't know if this is allowed or not, so please delete if it isn't .__.

Thanks in advance :]

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