October 30th, 2010


Certain guy from Fool's Mate (twitter.com/23th_deadman, noemiyaken wrote in her post from 22 October 2010 about his tweet about Tohya) tweeted about meeting and talking to Yuh. It's rather no revelation, but at least we know that Tohya and Yuh are out there, and that they are well and they keep in touch with this Fool's Mate's employee - so i's rather good, because the guy seems to be quite talkative on his tweeter and may provide us with more info/news about vistlip :)

(I encircled the posts;p) here's the translation(my japanese is faaaar from perfect.. but I guess it's better than nothing):

'After a long time I talked to Yuh-kun of Vistlip. Circumstances and
consideration leading to the present state [things as they are], and
in relation to the future, all the process was based on carefull
deliberation. So, even if there were various turns and twists,
eventually thinking about fans, ideas, trouble [worry], it took us
3 hours to come to an extremely reasonable conclusion. It's
really good for me to be in charge of this band.'

'@deadcherrydoit blah blah [unimportant things about some mikanbaa
(i guess it's ice-cream) about which deadcherrydoit and 23th_deadman
chatted before on twitter.. significant is only the last sentence
of this post:] Relating to Tohya kun, Yuh was also really well!'
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