November 22nd, 2010

vistlip showtime

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 hey guys!
so i read sc24cafe's blog often, and I am aware that sc24cafe is going away by the end of this month.
he says that it's now going to be part of club-zy and that most of the videos will be transferred over there.
I was just thinking, that there's no way all of vistlip's videos will be transferred to the new site, and that we should make a directory of all the videos they have of Rough the Vistlip, before the site ceases to exist. 
I know there's a lot of download links in this community, but maybe we could make a directory of all the videos to make it easier to find?

any ideas?? also, we need to make this quick because there's less than a week left of sc24cafe!

here are the two articles posted in the blog:

article 1 and article 2