V-STYLE "MOVE!" PickUp Artist vistlip

As you can see

club-Zy. is broatcasting a new V-style move.

Main broatcasting is 3/21 25:00~25:30

Here more:

活動再開を発表した【visltip】に直撃!! 現在の心境を訊いた。

[PickUp Artist] vistlip
[Special Shot] FEST VAINQUEURコメント / HEROコメント / BORNコメント


3/23(水) 25:30〜26:00 3/27(日) 25:00〜25:30 4/2(土) 25:30〜26:00  
3/24(木) 25:00〜25:30 3/30(水) 25:30〜26:00 4/3(日) 25:00〜25:30  
3/26(土) 25:30〜26:00 3/31(木) 25:00〜25:30

I hope somebody can rip this from club-zy.
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7th single & oneman tour!

Tomo posted in his Ameblo about vistlip's next single and oneman tour (the news also looks like it's on their OHP... my computer has always read the Japanese on their site as gibberish (x_x) but the English bits are the same so I assume the rest is too).

■ 2011, June 1st 7th Sg 「SINDRA」 release

■ vistlip oneman live tour [revelation space]

・May 7: Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
・May 13: Sapporo PENNY LANE
・June 11: Osaka BIG CAT
・June 22: Nagoya Electric Lady Land

It's nice to hear more good news from them. :)
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Blog Translations

thymol_blue (who is not me, so I take no credit for this) has translated Rui's entry, for those who want to read it. It's quite sweet - though understandably pretty restrained at the same time.

Here it is - or here on LJ instead of Dreamwidth.

...and while I was distracted from finishing this post, she's posted up Yuh's entry too, over here (here on LJ).

edit: Umi's post is up as well!

Tohya's: LJ | DW
Tomo's: LJ | DW

Also, go thank thymol_blue, not me! XDD


Well, I have to ask.

Do you know someone that is out from Japan that got into?

I was looking and didn't find the answer. So it's impossible to get in if you are not japanese? D:

vistlip showtime

message on OHP

This is what it says:



Thank you for your support of vistlip.
We are terribly sorry for the worry we have caused.
From now on, little by little, we will be updating information.
Thank you.

vistlip members, staff

Also-- Yuh has updated his twitter!

He doesn't seem very happy with the way they have reported because it was 雑 (crude, or rough)

But either way, I am very happy!!