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Hello everybody!! I`m again... 

Although I want to provide information to you, I can not English

Now Google is using to translate, There is a limit would help more if you are able to translate Japanese to someone else instead of me

my friend went to see Yuh to Sexpot

Yuh said some things and I want to share with you too 

①『復活はいつになるか分からないけど解散や脱退はない』I do not know when we return but surely there's NO DISBAND OR RETIRING THE BANDE (thanks to kazu_kireta for the translation)  

②『皆元気』everybody is fine (vistlip member)

③『SEXPOTで働く事にしたのは全然情報が無い中、少しでもファンの皆に”大丈夫”だと伝えたかったから』While there's no news at all about Yuh working on SEXPOT, he want to tell all fans that it's alright (thanks to kazu_kireta for the translation)  

この3つをYuhちゃんが伝えてくれたそうです。This is what we dedicate

あと、twitterでFool`s Mateの編集者さんが昨晩Tohya君に会ったそうです。



Some guy working at Fool's Mate met with Tohya, and he says that it's been some time since he saw the drummer. They talked alot of stuffs from serious to pointless stuffs but Tohya said they are slowly but surely moving forward, and that it will take time but they're really working hard since they're doing it for the fans who believe in them. (thanks to paranoiascreams for the translation)

Tohya is hard (?) for us too. Sounded really mind.

They are waiting for as long as I need

Sorry for posting in Japanese

It is also fast as they can teach us as many overseas fans

I'm sorry if the translation was wrong...

vistlip - Halloween

Actually My Country Don't Celebrant Halloween xD. But I Wish Everyone Have A Happy Halloween Day
( Yet It Is Still Early x: )
Ok.. I Just Finished This Drawing. But Just Then.. This vistlip Halloween Was Last Year Clothing. Hope You Like It (:

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Since vistlip last update on their blog about the car accident, death of their manager, and how their gonna stop being active till september.
I thought maybe since vistlip would be gone for a little time, it would be fine.
But then i didn't realized they were gonna stop with updating every tuesday videos and it sometimes hurt to not hear any update from them since they were the active-est band around, i don't mean just by active as in the band is still together, but they're active like fun activities they do and all sorts of stuff, im afraid once they get back, it won't be the same. i know it's not enough time for them to just suddenly come back with a happy yippy smile on their face or goofing around much, normally when they drive through this experience, it changes your point of view in life. idk if this blog makes any sense but we all love vistlip, not only just because of music, but how they take everything so... ya know? do fun young things. I mean they even upload videos about them doing silly little things for us to be entertain about..you don't see many band do that, but if so.. do they make you laugh and almost fall your ass on the ground like tohya did? and did they make you pause almost every little freakin second just to see every little hot angle of rui? did they ever make you think "the vocalist is weird, somewhat i really adore him" like tomo did? and both guitarist, though you cant compare them to Aoi or Uruha, but you certainly will think that they're super talented! together they make VISTLIP!
so techniquelly this post is about me tainting for love from vistlip. i would die the next thing they announce would be the band vistlip is DISBANDING! if anyone agree, i would want to hear your oppinion on how you feel about Vistlip right now while they're taking a break!